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Financial Planning for Families and Individuals from Alexander Babich

Get independent and objective advice from our financial planners. Personalised, client focussed
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Financial Planning Process from Alexander Babich

The Financial Planning Process consists of 6 steps that will assist you in assessing and planning your current and future financial requirements and developing a Financial Plan to meet your specific needs. The purpose of the Financial Plan is to create the perfect strategyPlanning process that will meet your goals.

Step 1 - Establish and Define a Professional Relationship

The financial planner will clearly explain the services to be provided to you and define both his and your responsibilities. The planner should explain fully how he will be paid and by whom. You and the planner should agree on how long the professional relationship should last and on how decisions will be made.

Step 2 - Gather Data and Set Goals

The financial planner will ask for information about your financial situation. You and the planner should mutually define your personal and financial goals, understand your time frame for results and discuss how you feel about risk. The financial planner will gather all the necessary documents he requires to give you informed advice.

Step 3 - Analyse and Evaluate your Financial Status

The financial planner will analyse your information and determine what you must do to meet your goals. Depending on what services you have asked for, this could include analysing your assets, liabilities and cash flow, current insurance coverage, investments or tax strategies.

Step 4 - Develop and Present Financial Planning Recommendations or Alternatives

Based on the information you provide, the financial planner will offer financial planning recommendations that address your goals,. The planner will help you understand these recommendations so that you can make informed decisions. Raise any concerns you may have so that the planner can revise the recommendations appropriately.Financial plan

Step 5 - Implement the Financial Planning Recommendations

You and the planner will agree on how the recommendations will be carried out. The planner may carry out the recommendations or serve as your "coach," coordinating the whole process with you and other professionals such as attorneys or stockbrokers.

Step 6 - Monitor the Progress of your Financial Plan

This process is ongoing and will constantly be monitored and re-evaluated by your Financial Planner. As your relationship grows and your circumstances and needs change, your Financial Planner will make the necessary amendments to your financial plan. Every effort is made to ensure that you stay on track in order to meet your objectives as discussed in the initial stages of the plan.

If you would like to put in place a workable plan so that you can meet your financial goals, then contact Alexander Babich today!

Our Services
  • Financial Analysis
  • Retirement Planning
  • Budgeting and goal setting
  • Debt elimination and cash flow planning
  • Assurance and healthcare benefits
  • Structuring investments for conservative to aggressive investors
    • selected local and international shares
    • managed funds/unit trusts
    • money markets
    • hedge funds
  • Tax planning
  • Pension and provident administration
  • Immigration
  • Estate planning
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