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Financial Planning for Families and Individuals from Alexander Babich

Get independent and objective advice from our financial planners. Personalised, client focussed
and backed by experienced professionals.

Contact Us and start your financial plan today

Financial Planning for Individuals from Alexander Babich

Financial planning meetingAlexander Babich offers financial, retirement and assurance planning service to meet the changing needs of our clients and their families. Regular financial planning reports tailored to your lifestyle, tax situation and risk profile helps you keep on top of your investment situation.

To develop your financial plan we look at:

  1. Your life style goals
  2. The time line for your investment
  3. What returns you are looking for
  4. How much risk are you prepared to take
  5. What plans should you make for your estate

After the initial meeting we then develop your financial plan.

See the five steps inthe financial planning process


Should you be Our Client?

At Alexander Babich & Associates we can help you find solutions to these vitally important questions.

  • Are you fully in control of your financial affairs?
  • Do you have a financial plan and a vision for the future?
  • Do you have an active investment programme irrespective of size or value? Remember wealth can only grow from an investment programme initiated at some point in time.
  • Are your investments diverse and secure both locally and internationally?
  • Do you have sufficient risk insurance to provide for debt repayment and family security in the event of illness, accident or death?
  • Do you have a current will?

If you answered No to any of these questions then Contact Us today and get your financial affairs in order.


Our Services
  • Financial Analysis
  • Retirement Planning
  • Budgeting and goal setting
  • Debt elimination and cash flow planning
  • Assurance and healthcare benefits
  • Structuring investments for conservative to aggressive investors
    • selected local and international shares
    • managed funds/unit trusts
    • money markets
    • hedge funds
  • Tax planning
  • Pension and provident administration
  • Immigration
  • Estate planning
Free Introductory Meeting

Contact us to  arrange your no charge, no obligation appointment 

Financial Tools
See some financial planning tools we have sourced for you.


Our Partners
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