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Financial Planning for Companies from Alexander Babich

Partner with Alexander Babich on all your company investment needs from retirement
and investment consulting to employee medical schemes.

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Financial Planning for Companies from Alexander Babich

Grow your investments

We offer financial, retirement and health insurance service to meet the changing needs of our clients:

  1. Retirement and investment consulting  - as a trustee, your members' financial futures are in your hands. The changing regulatory environment is becoming increasingly demanding and your investment decisions are under constant scrutiny. Alexander Babich will guide your investment decisions and help identify your members’ retirement needs.
  2. Employee benefit consulting- you can help your employees maximise their retirement benefits by structuring their packages correctly. Alexander Babich and Associates are specialists in this area and can help you meet your employee benefit requirements.
  3. Healthcare insurance - healthcare is an extremely specialised field and the number of medical aids and insurance options in South Africa are daunting for both companies, individuals or families looking for comprehensive health insurance.

Contact Us today for all your company financial planning needs.

Our Services
  • Retirement and Investment Consulting
  • Pension and provident consulting
  • Pension and provident administration
  • Assurance and healthcare benefits
  • Employee benefits

Major Clients
  • Automobile Association
  • Angloplat
  • A.E.C.I.
  • African Realty Trust
  • Ardeer Engineering
  • De Beers (Element Six)
  • Billiton
  • Hans Merensky
  • Edgars
  • Hellermann
  • Tyton International
  • I.C.L.
  • Standard Bank
  • Major linked Investment Service Providers (L.I.S.P.’s)
Our Partners
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